Extra lathe chucks, and specialized lathe chucks particularly, are expensive.

You can make this one yourself, right on your lathe, with a little help from your milling machine. It will cost you very little, but will add extra versatility to your shop.

This 2-jaw chuck, complete with a pair of flat steel jaw liners, has the ability to accept special jaw liners in brass, nylon, or other materials. Each jaw is independently adjustable, as on a 4-jaw chuck. The chuck body has holes for mounting custom made stops, so identical parts can be located, one after another, in the same position in the jaws. The prototype was made to handle model locomotive pipe fittings, but it would be equally useful in machining many other types of small fittings - for automotive work, hydraulic fittings, model engine work, etc.

This is an interesting and fairly easy project, and it results in an unusual, impressive and useful lathe accessory that adds new versatility to your lathe. The drawings show it as a 5"ø chuck, but you could scale it up or down.

8 pages

US$10, postage paid in the US and Canada, plus applicable tax (Michigan)