On this page I will post photos of Spear Point Diamond Clock Kits as made up by customers. 

If you'd like to send me photos of your clock, I'll post them here. You can e-mail me from my home page.

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Ray Ames, of Kenmore, WA, says:
"....The clock kit went together without any problems. Looks great.  However, I rarely leave well enough alone, and I wanted to be able to place the clock on a flat surface such as a table or mantlepiece.  I made a base for it out of some purpleheart. The clock can be removed from the base and hung up using your mounting holes if desired.

Then I thought it could use more warm color, and as I am somewhat into woodworking, this is the result.   The wood is mesquite about 1/8" thick, except for the front washer, which is about 30 thou thick veneer.  I trimmed the 3/4" steel spacers to 1/2" to compensate for the wood and everything went back together fine.  I sandblasted the dial face for contrast. ..."


Ray Ames Clock 03