For the Small Foundry
by Steve Chastain

Have you ever wanted to make your own iron and bronze castings?

This well written and understandable little book will introduce you to capabilities you may think are completely out of reach.

Maybe you've got an old lathe that's missing a tail stock, or a mill that's missing a part? Can't find replacements? The author of this little book says, "..Now you can make your own reproduction castings. Along with many other items, I've cast 2 different tail stocks, and some horizontal mill parts."

Steve Chastain's book, Iron-Melting Cupola Furnaces tells you how to set up a furnace for the home foundry to produce items like chuck backplates, lathe faceplates, parts for old engines - manifolds, waterpumps, magneto housings, cylinder sleeves etc.

The book tells how to design and build a coke-fueled cupola furnace, blown by a cheap used vacuum cleaner, and capable of producing 60 lbs. of molten cast iron in about 10-15 minutes. If you care to build the high pressure blower also described in the book, you can produce as much as 600 lbs of this fabulously hot and magic liquid per hour. Bronze is equally easy to do. (NOTE: This furnace is too hot for brass and aluminum.)

If you want to know how to build such a furnace, make sand molds, and produce your own castings, all I can say is BUY THIS BOOK! Don't think about it - just get it! You won't be sorry...

Yes, you CAN do this type of work yourself! People with less information, lacking vacuum cleaners and access to the Internet, were making bronze and iron castings several thousand years ago, so why not you, today? It ain't rocket science. What it really is, is age-old technology explained for the guy who wants to be able to make, in his own back yard, castings he can't buy. And if you want to, it's do-able!

Chapter headings:

NOTE: This book deals only with the matter of building a furnace. It does not tell you how to choose and mix molding sand, make molds, and other aspects of home foundry work. There are other books that deal with those topics. But if you want to design and build your own furnace, you will definitely want THIS book!!

The Author: Steve Chastain, Jacksonville, FL. Steve is currently studying for a degree in mechanical engineering. He shows the calculations you will need to do in designing your own furnace, and he does so in simple terms - you will NOT have trouble following his explanations - just grab a $10 calculator and follow along.

NOTE: We hope to have a companion video available soon from Steve which will allow you to see a cupola furnace in action, and to get a very immediate feel for what furnace operation and sand casting of molten grey iron is like.

Indexed, 128 pages,5-1/2" x 8-1/2", soft bound
illustrated with photos and drawings by the author.

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