by Frank Marlow, PE
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I have often been asked by customers to suggest a good book on basic machine shop practice.  The book described on this page is excellent. There are over 500 nice clear line drawings to illustrate things, and the information is presented as questions, followed by answers.  The basic idea of the author was to provide information useful to the person who might be doing model or prototype work, one offs, etc., in a shop where CNC equipment is not available.  Also, the person was not expected by the author to have much or any prior training as a machinist.  Thus, the book starts with the basics.
The author describes this book as follows:

".....A comprehensive and detailed presentation of manual machine tools and methods, machine shop know-how and practical shop tips. Machine Shop Essentials: Q&A is for a wide range of users including machinists, engineers, model makers, R & D lab technicians, instrument makers, prototype builders, product designers and gunsmiths who need to make prototypes, models or spare parts, or need to modify existing equipment. This book can also be used to gain a basic understanding of machine tools before moving on to computer-controlled machine tools.

More than half the book is devoted to small and medium-size lathes and milling machines, such as jewelers' lathes, Sherline miniature lathes and mills, Clausing lathes, and Bridgeport-style vertical milling machines. It examines how these machines are constructed, their cutting tools and accessories and how to use them.

This back-to-basics book contains all the information needed for a fundamental understanding of machine tools, and presents this information in the same straightforward, easy-to-read question-and-answer format used in the author's two successful welding books: Welding Essentials and Welding Fabrication & Repair..."

The Tables of Contents is as follows:

Chapter 1 Measurement Tools, Layout & Job Planning
Chapter 2 Basic Hand Tools
Chapter 3 Filing & Sawing
Chapter 4 Grinding, Reaming, Broaching & Lapping
Chapter 5 Drills & Drilling Operations
Chapter 6 Threads & Threading
Chapter 7 Turning Operations
Chapter 8 Milling Operations
Chapter 9 Fastening Methods
Chapter 10 Machine Shop Steel Metallurgy
Chapter 11 Safety & Good Shop Practices
Chapter 12 Other Shop Know-how
Appendix I Sharpening Steel Lathe Tools
Appendix II Sources of Tools, Materials & Supplies

The book also features:

One customer says: 
"...This  book ...(is) excellent resource for information not generally discussed or even written about. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in machining.... " Otto Kerbs,  Montreal, Quebec.

By Frank M. Marlow
Illustrated by Pamela J. Tallman
Paperback, 528 pages

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