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The Machinist's Bedside Reader**



The Machinist's Second Bedside Reader**



The Machinist's Third Bedside Reader**



Guy's Index to the Bedside Readers



Ball & Radius Book**



Clockmaking for the Home Shop Machinist**



Oiling Machine Tools



The Flying Chipmunk (a children's story)



GRUPPO #1 ( a CD)







2-Jaw Chuck



Rotary Table



Lever Feed Tailstock Drilling Attachment



Tilting Angle Plate



Precision Micrometer Boring Head



Spring Winder



Universal Sleeve Clamp



Scroll Saw Plans



Tire Pump Plans



Lautard's Octopus Workholding Block



TINKER Tool & Cutter Grinding Jig Plans



Mini-TINKER Plans (must also order TINKER PLANS)






Examining a Lathe and Mill (DVD)



Rifling Machine (DVD)



Video Visit (DVD) 



How to make Simple, Solid, Utilitarian Workbenches (DVD)



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