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 Guy Lautard

 2570 Rosebery Avenue

 West Vancouver, B.C.   V7V 2Z9



BOOKS and CD's


in Cdn$

The Machinist's Bedside Reader


The Machinist's Second Bedside Reader

The Machinist's Third Bedside Reader

Guy's Index to the Bedside Readers


Oiling Machine Tools



The Flying Chipmunk (a children's story)



GRUPPO #1 (a CD)


PLANS (these are all sent by airmail)


2-Jaw Chuck


Rotary Table


Lever Feed Tailstock Drilling Attachment


Tilting Angle Plate


Precision Micrometer Boring Head


Spring Winder


Universal Sleeve Clamp


Tire Pump Plans



Scroll Saw Plans



Lautard's Octopus Workholding Block


TINKER Tool & Cutter Grinding Jig Plans


Mini-TINKER Plans (must also order TINKER PLANS)






VIDEOS – (DVD format) (DVD's sent by airmail)

Rifling Machine


Examining a Lathe and Milling


Making Simple, Solid, Utilitarian Workbenches


Video Visit






TOTAL - payable to Guy Lautard





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