If you want to make a good, solid workbench, but don't know how or where to start, you will like this video.

For starters, how do you make a bench when you don't have a bench to work on? This video has the answer.

The video shows three workbenches. The simplest one requires no tools at all, and can be "made" (set up) in about 30 seconds. It will support loads of up to something like 400 lbs.

The second bench uses cast iron legs purchased from Lee Valley Tools Ltd., a Canadian woodworkers' supply house whose products are readily available in the US as well as in Canada. All you have to do is make a top and two 2x6 stringers. The trick, then is how to make a good, flat and substantial top.

On this video you will learn how to make a laminated bench top, without a lot of fancy tools.

You will also see complete details of a very effective surfacing jig you can make, and then use to mill nice, smooth flat surfaces on both top and underside of your rough laminated bench top, using a router. This jig will be useful afterwards for other jobs - it is very versatile, and can do many things, from surfacing an 8 ft. bench top to machining a taper on a popsicle stick.

The third bench is about 8 feet long. It's base is made from 2x4's and 4x4's, all bolted together with redi-rod bolts. The top can be made the same way as the bench just described, in the same surfacing jig. This bench requires little more than a hacksaw and a bit and brace to build, and you will end up with a very solid bench.

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These benches, and their laminated tops, are simple, solid, and utilitarian. They are not "fine furniture." You can drive a 4" nail into the top, if need be, without having a nervous breakdown over the resulting scar. This has a lot to be said for it - as I learned from an old patternmaker many years ago.

This video was shot at home. I made it because I wanted to. I have built about 8 workbenches in the last 10 years or so. In so doing, I have gone from feeling completely off base and not knowing what to do, to knowing exactly how to build a heavy duty bench and bench top that will serve most purposes very well, without requiring the services of a master cabinetmaker to build.

If you are not sure how to build a workbench, but need to, this video should solve your problems.

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