by Colin Thorne, LBHI

(sold under licence in North America by Guy Lautard)

If you are interested in CLOCKMAKING, this page is for you!

Below we list numerous sets of detailed working drawings which you can order direct from us, and from which you can build clockmaking tools to equip your shop for this fascinating pursuit, and also a number of different types of clock movements.

In the following list of drawings, the first 2 digits identify the project number. The number following the slash mark tells you how many sheets are supplied in the set. For example, 13/6 is a 6-sheet set detailing Project #13, the Benjamin Frankllin Clock.

US Prices are in US dollars and are postpaid. 

Note:  Canadian dollar prices for each of the items below are postpaid and include applicable taxes. 

The first Cdn price quoted is for AB, SK, MB, QC, YT, NT, and NU (5% GST included)

The second price is for BC (12% HST included)

The third price is for NB, NL and ON (13% HST included)

The fourth price is for NS and PE (15% HST included)

Update 9/2022: At the moment the plans on this page are not available, but we hope to have them available in the near future.

Plans for Clockmakers' Tools

01/1 DIVIDING HEAD for cutting pinions on a vertical slide on the lathe. Could also be used in the milling machine. Uses a 1/4" or 3/8" capacity Jacobs chuck to hold the workpiece, and shop-made dividing plates about 2-1/4" diameter(US$8.00/Cdn$8.00, $8.53, $8.61, $8.76)

08/1 CLOCKMAKER’S TURNS. Although rudimentary compared to a modern metalworking lathe, this is the sort of tool clockmakers used hundreds of years ago. It is useful even today for pivot dressing, poising, etc. (US$8.00/ Cdn$8.00, $8.53, $8.61, $8.76)

02/4 CLOCKMAKER’S LATHE, or "THROW". A small dead center lathe with accessories. The best tool for turning pivots, truing up worn pivots and "re-pivoting", and turning small items with hand gravers. The bed is made from a 9" length of 1/2" x 3/4" CRS bar. Center height is just under 2". (Could be scaled up somewhat, if you wished.) Several accessories are detailed, as well as the basic lathe. This little lathe is intended to be powered with a sewing machine motor, Foredom tool motor, or similar. US$16.45/Cdn16.45, $17.55, $17.71, $18.02)

The Clockmaker's Throw...

07/1 MILLING SPINDLE. Intended to carry multi-tooth cutters such as one would use for cutting pinions by direct division on the lathe. Body is about 3/4" x 1-3/16" x 3". Ready-made ones can cost a bundle.  (US$8.00/ Cdn$8.00, $8.53, $8.61, $8.76)

03/01 DEPTHING TOOL. For testing proper depthing of unmounted wheels & pinions, and for laying out recoil pallets. This sheet also includes a clear explanation of W.J. Gazeley’s simple method of carrying out this task, plus extra notes detailing how to use this same method to lay out pallets spanning any number of teeth of an escapement wheel of any tooth count.  (US$8.00/ Cdn$8.00, $8.53, $8.61, $8.76)

06/01 Clockmaker’s BENCH & VISE STAKES. This drawing shows 4 different types ­ large and small round ones ("bench block" style), plus two types you would use in your bench vise ­ a one-piece rectangular type, and a 2-piece split type. These are useful, and sometimes indispensable, for example when removing and fitting drive fit collets, pinions, etc. ( US$8.00/ Cdn$8.00, $8.53, $8.61, $8.76)

05/01 MAINSPRING WINDER. A simple and positive tool. No ratchet to cut, and positive hooks for the outer end of the spring.(US$8.00/ Cdn$8.00, $8.53, $8.61, $8.76)

09/1 FLYCUTTING FRAME. Mounted on the vertical slide, this device is used to cut the teeth into a clock wheel blank after it has been turned to the correct O.D. in the lathe. The advantage of this approach is that the wheel blank remains undisturbed in the chuck throughout the turn-to-size and tooth cutting operations. The single-point cutters used are easily made from 3/16"ø or similar size drill rod. (US$8.00/ Cdn$8.00, $8.53, $8.61, $8.76)

10/2 FUSEE CUTTING ENGINE. This neat little hand powered machine mounts in your bench vise, and cuts the groove in a fusee blank previously turned to a desired profile. (US$10.85/C$10.85, $11.57, $11.68, $11.88)

11/1 TAPPING TABLE. A simple bench mounted device for ensuring that taps go into a job truly perpendicular. Very small taps can be used with such a device with little fear of breakage due to misalignment . (US$8.00/ Cdn$8.00, $8.53, $8.61, $8.76)

21/1 MOVEMENT HOLDER. This handy device will hold the "bottom" movement plate solidly when assembling a clock movement on the bench. Holds anything from a 2" drum movement to a large longcase movement. (US$8.00/ Cdn$8.00, $8.53, $8.61, $8.76)

18/1 CLOCK HORSE. A convenient stand for testing longcase movements. Stores away flat when not in use. Simple and effective for the job it does; a real asset to your shop, and easily built in a single evening. (US$8.00/ Cdn$8.00, $8.53, $8.61, $8.76)

19/1 SMALL PIECE VISE. Can be hand held, or clamped in the bench vise, to hold small work and/or raise it to a convenient level for delicate filing, etc. Particularly useful if you are using a magnifying eyepiece. (US$8.00/ Cdn$8.00, $8.53, $8.61, $8.76)

23/1 METAL SPINNING TOOLS. You’ll be amazed at what you can do with these simple tools, if you know how to spin sheet metal. Make beautiful spun pendulum bob shells, bells, etc. Shows tools required, as well as "how-to" notes for those who have not yet tried it. It’s fun, and surprisingly easy! (US$8.00/ Cdn$8.00, $8.53, $8.61, $8.76)

24/1 OFFSET TAILSTOCK CENTER for your lathe. Provides an easy way to turn non-critical tapers on arbors, pillars, etc. Offsets about 0.4" from zero. (NOTE: this item is similar to the one detailed in TMBR#2. GBL) (US$8.00/ Cdn$8.00, $8.53, $8.61, $8.76)

25/1 CLOCKMAKER’S HAND TOOLS. Shows 13 useful small tools for the clockmaker and repairer. Pullers, pushers, pliers, punches, hammer, piercing saw table, etc. (US$8.00/ Cdn$8.00, $8.53, $8.61, $8.76)

04/1 CLOCKMAKER’S DATA SHEET. Provides much useful information including wheels and pinions, chain wheels, contrate wheels, pendulums, etc. Post it on the workshop wall. You will want to have a copy. NOTE: This sheet is accompanied by a "freebie"; another sheet giving info on sources of clockmaking supplies, periodical publications of interest to clockmakers, etc. (US$8.00/ Cdn$8.00, $8.53, $8.61, $8.76)

Plans for Clock Movements, Clock Cases, and Sundials

12/5 SKELETON TIMEPIECE. An 8-day going barrel skeleton clock with recoil escapement. The frame design is simple but elegant, and does not require a daunting amount of fretting out. Completed clock fits under a standard, readily available "400 day" glass dome. (US$19.25/CDN$19.25, $20.53, $20.72, $21.08)

Skeleton Timepiece

13/6 BENJAMIN FRANKLIN CLOCK. A 30-hour version of Ben Franklin’s well known 3-wheel single handed clock, together with a simple case. An unusual timepiece. (US$22.00/Cdn$22.00, $23.47, $23.67, $24.09)

NOTE: If the plans for the Ben Franklin Clock movement interest you, and if you already have, or are ordering, the book Clockmaking for the Home Shop Machinist, you do not need to order these plans, because you will find full details for making this movement in the book. GBL

Ben Franklin Clock - face Ben Franklin Clock Movement

14/7 SALOMON COSTER CLOCK. An 8-day clock based on Coster’s famous clock of 1675 in the Rijksmuseum at Leiden, Holland. Features a robust verge escapement with cycloidal cheek suspension. A remarkably good timekeeper. The drawings include details of the simple box-like case of the original clock. (US$24.50/Cdn$24.50, $26.13, $26.37, $26.83)

Salomon Coster Clock

15/5 JAMES FERGUSON CLOCK. James Ferguson’s unusual single-hander, with a window showing the hours. Weight driven, with an endless chain. Drawings cover movement and dial only. This movement can be mounted in a wall-hung box case (see next item below), anchored to a shelf, or could be used in a "grandfather" style case. (US$19.25/Cdn$19.25, $20.53, $20.72, $21.08)

Ferguson Clock

17/2 HOODED WALL CASE. Designed specifically for the James Ferguson movement, this case will accept any longcase movement with a 12" square dial. Easily adapted for a larger or smaller dial. (US$10.80/Cdn$10.80, $11.52, $11.63, $11.83)

16/8 FROMANTEEL TIMEPIECE. Based on a clock dated 1658, by Ahasuerus Fromanteel. An 8-day going barrel movement with verge escapement, cycloidal cheeks and a false pendulum showing in an aperture in the dial. The drawings detail both the movement and a period "Architectural" style case. Austere but elegant, this clock would look good on any mantlepiece.(US$27.50/Cdn$27.50, $29.33, $29.60, $30.12)

Fromanteel Clock

20/12 DOUBLE FUSEE SKELETON CLOCK. A large (15" high) skeleton clock with a "Gothic architecture" style frame. Back striking, recoil escapement and maintaining power to the going fusee. This clock also fits the larger of the readily available "400-day" glass domes. A lot of work, but a lot of clock when done, too. (US$38.50/CDN$38.50, $41.07, $41.43, $42.17)

Double Fusee Skeleton Clock

22/3 NICHOLAS KRATZER’S POLYHEDRAL SUNDIAL. A small, portable multi-faced brass sundial based on Kratzer’s 1525 dial in the Museum of the History of Science, Oxford, England. The drawings include construction details and notes for those not versed in dialling (sundial making). An interesting "model". (US$13.50/CDN$13.50, $14.40, $14.53, $14.79)

Kratzer's Sundial

26/6 MONTH GOING SKELETON TIMEPIECE. A sturdy little "double barreled" skeleton clock design using twin going barrels driving a common pinion to supply the necessary power. No more difficult to make than an 8-day clock, just a little more work. Like #12/5 and #20/12 above, this clock will fit under a standard readily available glass dome. . (US$22.00/CDN$22.00, $23.46, $23.68, $24.10)

 Month going skeleton timepiece

27/3 RING SUNDIAL. This all-brass portable ring dial (or poke dial), which tells the time from the sun’s altitude, is just 2-1/4"ø x 3/4" wide. One sheet of drawings plus a 4-page explanatory leaflet. You will need a pocket calculator with trig functions (or a book of sine tables) to calculate the sun’s altitudes for your latitude. Full instructions are given.

(Note: If you want to make one of these interesting little Ring Sundials, you may also want to have the plans for Nicholas Kratzer’s Polyhedral Sundial #22/3 which is accompanied by several sheets of info on The Equation of Time, and other info that I think you would find helpful to an understanding of the Ring Sundial project.GBL) (US$9.55/CDN$9.55, $10.19, $10.28, $10.47)

Ring Sundial

(See note at top of page regarding availability of these clockmaking plans)

Overseas customers: please note that we sell these plans in North America. Customers outside North America should deal direct with:

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