Frequently Asked Questions


When will The Machinist's Fourth Bedside Reader come out? This definitely rates as our #1 FAQ!! We have lots of really neat material slated for TMBR#4, but it will be a while yet before it's all put together and in print. Keep an eye on our website and we'll certainly let you know when it is available. It takes time and much sweat to write a book, you know!

Can I get a copy of  Strike While the Iron is Hot? No - but see below.

Can I get a copy of "Hey Tim, I gotta tell ya..."?  No - but see below.

Both these books have been sold out for some time now.

However, we have taken the very best material from "Hey Tim....", and have added various improvements and new ideas, all of which, along with a whole lot of other NEW technical material, plus the entire Strike While the Iron is Hot story, plus another new machinists' fiction story called Rebirth of Morgan Ranch, will appear in TMBR#4.