This multipurpose workholding fixture combines some of the features of a bench block, V-block, vernier protractor, direct indexing fixture, tilting angle plate, rotary table, and clock wheel spoke layout jig.

The clock wheel spoke layout jig feature (see second photo below) allows you to lay out spoke patterns on clock wheels and similar items very accurately, and with a minimum of fuss and bother.

The size is just right for small (and some not-so-small) and tricky jobs that come up every so often in any shop.

It can be used in several different ways both on your milling machine, and in the headstock or the tailstock of your lathe.

Besides detailed drawings, machining instructions and how-to-use info, several ‘extras’ are included, like how to make a lathe sub-faceplate that thinks it’s a magnetic chuck. The "power supply" costs about $2, and it works on ferrous and non-ferrous materials alike - this info alone could be worth the whole price of the drawings!

While cast iron is considered the better choice for items like this, we cannot currently supply a casting. You can make your Octopus from a locally scrounged lump of steel.

Lautard's OCTOPUS - 1

Lautard's OCTOPUS - 2

Lautard's OCTOPUS - 3

20 pages

US$13, postage paid in the US and Canada, plus applicable tax (Michigan)

 for Lautard's Octopus:  Not currently available, as of September 10, 2013.


At the moment (September 2013) we have no more Octopus castings left. We hope to arrange for a US company to supply them directly.