Something New
January 28, 2010

Here is something that may interest you, if you've been thinking of making one of those little co-axial indicators shown at pages 83-91 in TMBR#3.

One of my customers made a run of the rockers (see page 87) for this project for me on a CNC wire EDM machine. They are made from O-1 ground flat stock.  They come with the two holes drilled.
They are unhardened.




The surface looks a little rough in the above pictures, but that is more a lighting effect than a rough surface.  A brief rub on 400 grit paper would have this part looking and feeling very nice. You'll need to go over the edges with a fine abrasive stone to ease the sharp edges, and you might want to harden the part, but I don't think that's necessary, because it doesn't see a lot of wear.

Price: US $24, including postage.

To order this item, please click here, and see the ordering instruction on that page - the same instructions apply to ordering one of these co-axial rockers.


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