The Universal Sleeve Clamp provides a clever means of hinging and clamping two rods together.

It is an extremely handy accessory for your magnetic dial indicator base and/or surface gage.

It can also serve as the hinge joint for a large capacity compass, or inside or outside caliper, much like a firm joint caliper.

Scale up the design just a little and use it as the basis for a universally positionable lamp for your lathe, mill or workbench.

Scale it up to 3 or 4" in diameter, and you would have the basis for a handsome and unusual living room lamp.

Because of this adaptability to various uses, I arranged the drawings in such a way as to make designing new ones at any size an easy matter.

The plans also include working drawings for a height adjustable tool holder for small boring tools and internal screwcutting jobs, plus a sheet showing the sort of boring tools I make. These incorporate a minor but significant feature not everybody thinks of when making tools of this type.

Universal Sleeve Clamp

19 pages

US$10, postage paid in the US and Canada, plus applicable tax (Michigan)