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Added October 14, 2013:

Super Vee Kit Bike Literature

 This package consists of the following:

 ·       A 12 page brochure listing all parts – frames, wheels, brakes, front ends, tanks, dash/speedometers, handlebars, controls, mirrors, primary cover/clutchs, fenders, seats, air covers, carbs, electrical stuff, etc - and various options re same.

·       A 30-page booklet describing the engine and giving a photo essay with instructive (i.e. presumable credible) captions on how to assemble it. (This part occupies 10 of the 30 pages)

·       Another sheet, one side of which is titled SUPER VEE OIL SYSTEM, and the other side headed WIRING MADE EASY.

·       Another single sheet, printed both sides, titled SINGLE FIRE IGNITION FOR SUPER VEE.  

There is no copyright date on this package of literature, but I almost certainly got it (new) in 1990. What was offered was a motorcycle kit that supposedly could be built into a bike in many respects similar to a Harley, but using an entirely different engine. The engine was a 94.2 cubic inch V-twin which used "all small block Chevy internal parts". The promise was that for "a little time and patience" you would end up with a "first class scoot that's every bit as good or better than factory stock – for about half the cost." 

I googled for info on these m'cycles a few months ago, and from what I could see, these kits did not always work out entirely as promised. Some guys said they could not be made to run, others said if you had the patience, and knew what you were doing, they could be made into a good engine. (See http://www.jockeyjournal.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-5529.html )

Be that as it may, this is an interesting package of virtually mint condition literature that someone might enjoy having. Best offer over $20 received by e-mail by Nov. 30th, 2013 gets the whole thing. (I have only one copy of this literature. I should probably just throw the whole thing away, but I hate to do that.)

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