I am working on TMBR#4.  I'm not sure when it will be done - hopefully soon. (Much of the delay is due to the fact that I've had a big upheaval in my personal life.)   See also FAQ page.

After that, next will come a new book entitled The Secrets of Lettering on Metal.

("Lettering" of course includes letters, numbers, and any other similar marks you might want to put on a job.)

Many years ago I made a beautiful little rotary table (the same one for which we still sell plans). I made a nice job of cutting the graduation marks, but I never had a means of numbering it to the same standard.

After many years of investigation involving many sources, I found out how to do such work, and have it come out looking as good as if it came from Starrett or Browne & Sharp! What is even more fun is that it is not hard to do - it doesn't take weeks or months of skill development - in fact it takes just a couple of minutes to learn the most difficult part, which is making the masters you need, so you can judge for yourself how difficult that is going to be.

Once you find out how to make the masters, and learn a few other little tricks, it's not at all difficult --- you just have to know how to do it. And that's what the new book is going to be about.

The book has already been read over by someone who knows this type of work inside out, and his comment was: "Lautard, you do not have a talent for writing boring materiial!" Well, shucks - I try.

After the Lettering Book is done, I  have quite a number of other new ideas to keep me busy ...in the mean time, have a look here