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Every machinist who does not own full house CNC equipment should have a copy of this book!

This handy little book shows you how you can readily make things like ball handles, ball end mill blanks, etc. in your lathe, without special tooling - just a parting tool - by the "incremental cut" method. Also, how to generate male or female radii with a ball end mill, easily, quickly and accurately, in a vertical mill. For example, you can machine a 1/4" diameter radius on the corner of a piece of material, using a 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, or 1/2" diameter or other size ball end mill. (Also works with the side of an end mill.) You won't believe your eyes the first time you try it!

Also includes notes and a photo showing how to rig an indicator on your lathe saddle, thus eliminating both the need for a graduated handwheel on your lathe leadscrew, and the need to do mental gymnastics when carving out a ball.

The incremental cut system can also be used to make handles for feedscrew dials, levers, etc. The book therefore includes some info, a drawing, and numbers for a very nicely proportioned feedscrew dial handle.

Contains more than 70 tables (one per page, so they're uncluttered) for both ball and radius generation from 1/64" to 1" radius. There's a memory aid on the inside back cover - you can flip to it, if you need to, then flip back to the table that suits your job, and go to work.

Here's what a couple of my customers have recently said about this book:


I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how much I like your "Ball
Book," which I got a while ago.

Once I started using it I saw how easy it is to make a ball without making
or buying a special attachment. Now, I make balls for everything - drawer
pulls, wine bottle stoppers, whiskey stoppers, knobs for my machines. It is,
simply put, the easiest way to form a ball on the end of a piece of metal.
Your little book is well worth the money and I show it and the results to
everyone that will listen.
                                                            Bob H.   (Castle Rock, WA)



The Ball Book is ABSOLUTELY awesome!   It has cleared up so many questions
I had that I can't even BEGIN to list them.  I will be working on some problems
at work this week and "THE BOOK" will definitely play a major role.

                             Thanks, thanks, thanks!
                                        Mike B.  (Seattle, WA)

Durable, soft covers; coil bound to lie flat in use; size: 4" x 6", to fit conveniently in your toolbox.

105 pages; 4" x 6", coil bound, soft cover

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