At the moment
(January 14, 2019), the following titles are out of print, and therefore not available:

The Machinist's Bedside Reader

The Machinist's Second Bedside Reader

The Machinist's Third Bedside Reader

Clockmaking for the Home Shop Machinist
Tables and Instructions for Ball and Radius Generation

I am currently working on up-dating the 3 books in The Machinist's Bedside Reader series, after which these 
titles will hopefully once again be available.

    Please keep an eye
on this website for further news regarding this matter in the next 3 months.  (It is a very big job!)


In the meantime, you can still order any of our plans, clock plans,
videos, Guy's Index to the Bedside Readers, the Gruppo #1 CD, etc.
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As noted immediately above, the following five books are out of print at the moment, but we hope to have them back in print in due course. Their descriptions are included here for your information, even though they are not currently available. 

The 3 books in The Machinist's Bedside Reader series are among the most popular books ever written for machinists!
They are well written in a clear but relaxed style, and you'll find you'll actually enjoy reading this amazing compilation of diverse technical information.

The subtitle of the first book says it all: Projects, hints, tips and anecdotes of the trade.

These books include detailed instructions and fully dimensioned working drawings for numerous tools and accessories you will want to make for use in your shop. Even if you're a novice, you'll find the instructions easy to follow and very detailed.

They also contain much useful and timesaving shop know-how, some of which is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to find elsewhere.  The information in these books has been gleaned from many and varied sources, including experienced machinists (and home shop guys) who were willing to share what they know.

One machinist told me he got a pay raise as a direct result of using a tip from these books which enabled his employer to do a job for a profit instead of a loss!

David Randal, Tool Steel Welding Expert, and Owner of Randal Welding & Machine, Santa Ana, CA, says: "These are books every machinist can benefit from, regardless of level. Their purchase is a must even for the beginner."

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Tables and Instructions for Ball and Radius Generation gives you the ability to produce balls for ball handles, ball end mill blanks and the like; also radiused corners, radiused grooves, and other shapes like bells, and machine tool feedscrew handles, all without specialized tools, fixtures or CNC equipment. (One outfit uses this book to make dies for Boeing Aircraft! They really do!)

Clockmaking for the Home Shop Machinist. Have you ever wanted to build a clock, but were put off by the unfamiliar terms, and the plethora of strange tools encountered in most clockmaking books? Then you will want to have this book. It explains how to go about making a clock in language the home machinist can understand, using tools he can make on his existing equipment.

The following publications are currently available from us.

The Flying Chipmunk. This is a children's story which I wrote in the Fall of 1971. It is ideal for children whose fathers or grandfathers are home shop machinists! 'Munk's greatest wish is to be able to fly, and his dream comes true when his curiosity nudges him to hop into a model airplane belonging to a couple of boys. His first flight is a blast, and he proves to be a very fast learner.  He goes to live with the boys, and they build him bigger and better aircraft to fly... well, as I said, it's a kid's story. 

A Brief Treatise on Oiling Machine Tools - This 24 page booklet provides a lot of good info on this vital topic. The first section shows how to make a really effective oil gun. It takes about an hour, if you don't hurry.  This is EXACTLY what you want if you happen to own a Myford lathe! There are also nice working drwgs for drip feed oilers, and detailed info on how to add a centralized oiling system to a machine tool that was not so equipped originally, what types of oil to use on different parts of a machine, a recipe for a good leadscrew lube, etc. Tells you the where and why of oiling your machine tools. This is obviously vital info! (And for more info on oiling, see also our video on Examining a Used Lathe and Milling Machine)


IRON-MELTING CUPOLA FURNACES  For the Small Foundry, by Steve Chastain
This well-written and understandable book will introduce you to capabilities you may think are completely out of reach.

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