a series of great books for machinists



At the moment, the following titles are out of print, and therefore not available:

                                                                                The Machinist's Second Bedside Reader (TMBR#2)
                                                                                The Machinist's Third Bedside Reader (TMBR#3)     
                                                                                Clockmaking for the Home Shop Machinist.
                                                                                Tables and Instructions for Ball and Radius Generation.

I am working on new arrangements whereby these titles will hopefully once again be available.

Please keep an eye on this website for further news . 

In the meantime, you can still order many of our plans, videos, the Gruppo #1 CD, etc.


The Machinist's Bedside Reader
(Subtitle: Projects, hints, tips and anecdotes of the trade)

The Machinist's Bedside Reader - cover

This book includes fully dimensioned, working drawings and detailed instructions for several interesting projects including 15 practical machinists tools and lathe accessories such as:

PLUS you'll learn much useful shop know-how to help you get things done faster and easier in your shop.

You'll also enjoy the several machine shop anecdotes, and the fascinating account of a little lathe made "from nothing" in a Japanese POW camp. And you'll learn "The Secret of the Old Master," in a heartwarming story by Lucian Cary.

Click on this link to see the complete Table of Contents of The Machinist's Bedside Reader (which you can abbreviate to TMBR#1, if you like).

Available from Amazon, $44.99 (USD).

The Machinist's Second Bedside Reader

Like the first book, TMBR#2 is filled with more hints, tips, and projects.

The Second Bedside Reader contains full plans for:

You'll learn:

This book also contains an enjoyable fiction story, The Bullseye Mixture, which incorporates complete information on the subject of pack casehardening.

View the complete Table of Contents of The Machinist's Second Bedside Reader (TMBR#2)

(Not currently available)

The Machinist's Third Bedside Reader

TMBR#3 contains even more pages, more photographs, and lots more neat stuff - projects, hints, tips, and technical how-to info you won't get elsewhere.

In this book you will find full working drawings and how-to-make info on:

In-depth sections on:

Do you want to know how to:

You'll find out the above and lots more in The Machinist's Third Bedside Reader.

View the complete Table of Contents of The Machinist's Third Bedside Reader. (TMBR#3)

(Not currently available)

Guy's Comprehensive Index to
The Machinist's Bedside Readers and "Hey Tim..."

Now you can find those obscure points you know are somewhere in the 700+ pages of the 3 Bedside Readers (and if you have it, "Hey tim, I gotta tell ya....", which is currently out of print).

Just think of key words concerning the subject you want to look up - from abrasives to workbenches - and you'll quickly have the correct reference(s)! It ran to just over 10 pages, so we used part of the remaining space for some good info updates.

(Currently not available)

The Machinist's Fourth Bedside Reader
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